Frequently asked questions

What size bands do you offer?

We can offer any combination & size of band for you. The 6 piece is our standard line up, and the option we would recommend. Our 5 piece band gives you the option of choosing either a male or female singer. The 4 piece band is slightly more indie/rock/soul orientated.

What are you set timings?

Prices listed are guides based on a 6 piece band performing 2 x 60 mins or 3 x 40 mins sets with an arrival from 18:00 and a Midnight finish. For more specific timings; In short, we're able to tailor the sets around your evening plans. We recommend a minimum set time of 40mins.

Are you able to supply music during the sets?

As standard, the band provide music between sets, either from their own catalogue of party hits or giving you the option to bring your own iPod/MP3 player to play through their PA. We can also assist in curating custom playlists for you, taking the stress entirely out of your hands.

Do you take requests?

We also offer a DJ option, where one of our members can take requests from your guests, saving you hundreds on a separate DJ. This often works well, as the music is tailored around the live band sets. We're generally unable to take requests on the night for the live band sets.

Can the band play beyond Midnight?

Absolutely! There is an additional hourly rate which we can provided upon your enquiry.

What power requirements do you require on stage?

At minimum of 4 [FOUR] 13 amp sockets will be required for the safe operation of our equiptment. Please ensure generators and power supplies for marquees offer sufficient regulated power (and are regularly topped up).

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we are protected up to £10m and can provide certificates upon request.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

All our gear is regularly tested for electrical safety, and we can provide certificates upon request.

Do you need a dressing room?

Yes please! We'll need an area to change in & store our personal items. This can be discussed in more detail during the planning stages.

The venue we are thinking of using has a sound limiter - is this a problem?

Not necessarily! We are a high energy band, and although we don't play at a dangerous level, sound limiters can vary and some are overly sensitive. Different venues have different sound limiters and settings, so it's best to get as many details about the limiter as possible (dB limit level/does it cut the power/sensitivity levels). We are able to work with the majority of limiters and can offer many different options if the level is very low (electric drum kit/acoustic sets/live lounge style sets).

How far do you travel?

We are able to travel throughout the UK, Europe and the World to perform.

Can we use your PA for our speeches?

We are able to offer an extra 'early setup' option for a small cost, meaning you'll be able to use our wireless microphone & PA system for your speeches. This often works out cheaper than buying or hiring a small system and will sound miles better. We also supply an aux cable & iPad filled with over 10 hours of background music. For this option, we would require approx 45mins - 1hr to safely set the system up

What happens if one of your band members is ill?

This can happen from time to time, or due to other touring commitments, some members may not be able to perform. However, we have permanent Deps who regularly play for us and know the set inside out. We only allow professional session musicians of a similar level to ourselves to play in the band. This is to make sure you still receive a professional and high energy performance!